This is our FAQ that should answer a few questions you may have and help you understand more about how things work and why we have certain guidelines!

* NOTE all images on this site get indexed by search engines. Once we delete, it depends on what search engine it is on as to how long the image will come off the Internet. We have no control over this.

– No IDs: licenses, passports, or any other personal identification documents.If you want to post an ID you MUST ID verify with MistressAdmin in our chat

– No images or text that contain sensitive personal information, such as addresses, phone numbers, or financial details.

– No explicit or illegal content: Prohibited images include any any images that depict illegal activities, violence, or harm to others, NO BLACKMAIL and NO pics of women UNLESS they have verified with the Admin

– No images of minors: Do not upload pictures of individuals who appear to be under the age of 21 inappropriate.

– No animal images: Please refrain from posting pictures of animals. 

– Respect copyright laws: Only upload images OF YOURSELF unless you have upgraded to exposer profile, and do not infringe upon any copyright or intellectual property rights of others.

Please ensure that you abide by these guidelines to maintain a safe and appropriate environment for all users of our platform. If you see a violation please report it as we may have missed it. Just because its there doesnt mean we allow it.

An unfortunate thing with these sites that many dont take time to read the guidelines and we get so many violations we dont have time to message the user. Depending on the issue we will just remove the image and it if happens again we will remove the members profile!
If you have noticed many Temp Image sites are getting shut down. Its because of the issues that arise from members doxxing people. So it ruins it for regular members who love to post their Id’s, info etc.
Oh but there is. We may turn it on and off to see if users abuse this or not. But we DO have a ( “Locked” profile level ) where you cannot delete your profile OR your exposures. This is for members who donate.
The NO delete option is one of the MAIN reasons a site will shut down. Hourly users upload an exposure, hit no delete. Then after they have satisfied themselves and are no longer aroused, guess what? They want it removed! This happens ALL day and we wont do all of this work for free anymore because users refuse to follow the rules. Sorry – We still love you though!
We spend a lot of time working on the site and handling ALL the complaints and takedowns. We are able to remain open thanks to donations from members, profile upgrades, personal exposures we do for members and user ad spots. We APPRECIATE your support!
NO, the site is completely free to upload exposures
This level will give you the ability to make more posts and you will NOT have the option of deleting your profile OR any of the exposures you have made. You can get this level by making a donation.
This is a level we are considering where the member makes a donation and we communicate our guidelines to them regarding posting others. This means we trust youre not posting images of others UNLESS they give you consent!
We understand the urgency of getting your image down. We have NO reason NOR any desire to host ANY images of people that dont want to be posted. Fill out our DMCA form and we WILL take care of you as quickly as possible!
If it has been longer than 48 hours ( which is rare ) it means we may have missed it as we get so many takedown requests. Please accept our apology and either resubmit or send us an email here
We deal with this ALL day. Someone says they were hacked and their image was uploaded here and they just happened to see it out of a billion sites on the net ( 20 min after it was uploaded here). What really happened is they sent the picture to someone to upload and after they are no longer turned on they message us and end up getting the person they asked to upload banned also. We DONT have time for this and we arent stupid. If we have to remove a post for non upgraded members you will be banned. We just dont have the time to do this all day. If you feel you were banned in error then you can email us your case.